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Our commitment


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Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our group values and is developed through our code of conduct, controlled by an Ethics Committee; health, safety and equality plans; our social action model and the company's environmental commitment.

Mar Change was created in 2018 to encompass all the actions and initiatives we implement to improve the environment in which we operate and generate value to our actions for all our stakeholders.

Mar Change implies change and action, and focuses on 3 basic objectives:

1) Fostering social development

2) Commitment to sustainability

3) Ethical responsibility with society.

To this end, we work in different areas:

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At Mar Hotels Group we develop actions to promote and guarantee the principles of equity and equal opportunities; inclusion; respect for the plurality and functional diversity of gender, race, creed and culture of the group's employees.

We start from the premise that equal treatment and opportunities are a priority within the company's strategy and, in order to achieve this objective, we work in different areas, establishing annual objectives for all of them:

- Corporate culture

- Company communication and the non-sexist use of language.

- Recruitment and hiring policy

- Salary policy

- Professional development, training and promotion

- Prevention of moral, sexual and gender-based harassment.

- Reconciliation policies and social improvements

- Gender violence.

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Social action and promotion

It's part of Mar Hotels Group's strategy to seek alliances and collaborations that reinforce our commitment to social projects.

The group's main actions focus on training and education during childhood, protection of the rights of minors, support for the employability of young people, support for training in groups at risk of social exclusion and the integration of people with disabilities into the labour market.

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Ethical management - Compliance

We are committed to transparency and good practices. To achieve our objectives, Corporate Compliance at Mar Hotels Group ensures that the company's activities are carried out in accordance with ethics, current regulations and best practice recommendations, in accordance with internal policies and procedures. To this end, we have a criminal risk prevention and management plan, a data protection procedure and we strive to improve communication and transparency in all our actions.

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As a family-run Mallorcan hotel company, Mar Hotels Group understands the environment as a basic principle to take care of our surroundings. For this reason, we have implemented an Environmental Management System, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001 Standard, which guarantees the protection of the environment in Mar Hotels’ establishments.

The Mar Hotels Group's Environmental Policy derives directly from the company's Management and forms part of the tasks and responsibilities of all the group's bodies. In this sense, the Environmental Policy, as well as the strategies and plans that are determined, are the responsibility of both the management and those responsible for the different establishments of the group, who are committed to:

1. Identify and evaluate all the environmental impacts derived from our activities and services, with the aim of implementing measures to reduce and prevent pollution, minimise the generation of waste and the consumption of natural resources, promote efficiency and energy saving and encourage recycling in our establishments.

2. To prevent and avoid the significant environmental impacts produced by the activities of our establishments, protecting and respecting the natural environments in those destinations in which Mar Hotels Group is present.

3. Actively involve all workers in the performance of the Environmental Management System through training, awareness and continuous improvement programmes at all levels of management.

4. To inform our clients about environmental responsibility and to establish initiatives that allow us to integrate our guests in the development of these improvements, increase their commitment and promote their awareness in order to increase their experience in our establishments.

5. To promote and disseminate the Mar Hotels Group's Environmental Policy among our suppliers and contractors.

6. To periodically review the Environmental Management System in order to improve it and adapt the group's Environmental Policy to the changing conditions of the organisation.

7. To guarantee compliance with the legal requirements applicable to our sector.